“We Don’t Treat People like YOU!”

If you’re an electrologist, and have a strong stomach, watch this video (see the link below). Here is a fledgling electrologist in the UK, virtually condemning the field of electrology as being TRANSPHOBIC! What’s even more disturbing is that the once highly respected BBC produced this video and added it to their program viewing. You have to wonder why the media continues to create angry tribes of “victims and perpetrators.” Race vs. race, sex vs. sex and gender vs. gender, etc. The whole thing is sick!

            Can any of my fellow electrologists imagine ANY electrologist saying, “We don’t treat people like you!” Or, as this rank amateur electrologist contends, trans clients were asked to leave electrologist’s offices and were kicked out. Did this actually happen? I don’t believe it for a minute; and I’m angry! Of course, the basis of these accusations is ‘a friend told me that …’  Indeed, the BBC program was based on hearsay and GOSSIP! I wonder if there is any authentic journalism left anywhere?

            Those of us who have been in the field for a long time (myself, 45-years) know that the field of electrology is, and has been, probably the strongest advocate for the trans community. 65-years ago, when Christine Jorgensen was making headlines, there were virtually no legitimate medical professionals in the field.

            In my own California, transgender people had no access to surgery, and in Los Angeles, they were subjected to the likes of Dr. Brown who would do botched surgeries in a hotel room. Several of my clients were maimed by this quack. Dr. Brown injected industrial silicone and even cement in their bodies and faces. At one point, he did half a face-lift on a woman (and had her parade around for a year), so he could showcase his work. Finally, he lost his medical license because he amputated both legs of a young man who wanted to be a double amputee … and, the young man died.

            I will eventually do a video on Where we have been … and how we should celebrate where we are. My God, the stories I have to tell you all; the damaged lives, the gut wrenching experiences of transgender people. The people that constantly complain and bemoan their “hurt feelings” have no idea of the way it was. If you want to be a victim, that’s just fine … but don’t throw false accusations at those of us who have been in your corner for half a century!

            Today, medical facilities abound and transgender people are not treated as freaks. And, again, the electrology profession has always led the charge in supporting transgender people in every way. For example, when I attended electrology school in Los Angeles (in my 20s), Hinkel, the owner of the school, would not allow you to enroll unless you were happy and willing to work with transgender women. He would not tolerate any negative comments … and encouraged transgender women to enter the field.

            The American Electrology Association offers continuing education on trans issues and medical therapies, as does the British Association. The former president of the American Association was transgender (Dr. Nancy Ledins), and was continuously and overwhelmingly voted into office. We loved her. We have had lectures on trans issues every year at our conventions for the last 50 years!

            Electrologists are at the forefront of transgender therapies and trans rights. Electrologists themselves are wholly supportive, kind and very giving. I taught electrology in 10 countries and have known hundreds of electrologists … NOT ONE was transphobic! Such a prejudiced disgusting creature does not exist in our profession!

            Seriously, the BBC should do a story on the yeoman work electrologists have been performing for decades; without any need for obsequious publicity. Our constant work supporting and promoting the trans community is legendary. The BBC owes us an earnest apology … and it should be made publicly. If you feel as I do, please write a letter to the BBC and voice your dismay at this horrible “hack-job” story. Shame on the self-promoting fabricator, and shame on the BBC!

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