I get several of these emails per week. People say they are desperate and they think that I can magically remove their hair. This lovely woman wrote to me today, from another country, and wanted to fly to California to have me remove all the hair on her body. Here’s my email to her today:

Dear Sangita,

PLEASE do not be desperate!

I have found that when someone is desperate, they make the wrong decisions and there is always some scam that is very happy to take your money. Please take your time. Please do not jump at a solution; especially when somebody promises to get rid of your hair quickly.

Having said that … I’m not able to cure your hair situation quickly; nobody can. I suggest you carefully look at local options. Go to the person for a limited amount of time (no more than 15-minutes), and see what happens: skin condition and re-growth. Wait a few weeks to see what happens. Never pay large amounts of money before you know if the treatment is going to work. Do not pay for a package deal! Pay as you go!

Meanwhile, please stay safe and remember … having lots of hair won’t kill you. Don’t make your hair problem the focus of your life! You are young a beautiful, and everyone knows it too.

Best Wishes,


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