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I find one aspect of our field fascinating. Women with extreme cases (I mean virtual beards), always finish-up and on time. Women with almost no hair (a few chin whiskers), drag-it-out for YEARS! One recent woman came in two times … and then 10-months later … and wondered why “it’s not working.” I’ve had people that have had only 4 treatments over a period of 10-years. ALWAYS people with “no hair.” Mostly, I won’t even take-on such cases … because I know they’re going to continue plucking; and then blame me! Frustrating!

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  1. I have been working with an apprentice for over 265 hours. She has treated 107 practice clients from 15 to 45 minutes. Total contact hours of electrolysis treatments is 70 hours. She is still having a difficult time making proper insurrections and is pulling hairs. She’s also over treating clients. I’ve worked countless one on one hours trying desperately to express to her that making a proper insertion is key to getting a good release. I’ve also had trouble with over treatment issues.

    When I learned electrolysis 38 years ago I don’t remember having so much trouble learning. The instructor didn’t stand over us to carefully diagnose our insurrections.

    I am beginning to question my abilities to teach.

    What would you suggest I do?

    1. Hi Rebeka! I see you practice electrology. May I ask what part of the world you’re in? I’m in Europe and looking for a good electrologist who could rid me of my worst enemy – my hair.

  2. Sorry for the late reply. With that many hours and 107 clients, your apprentice should be well on her way … not still having problems. I would be sure she has the proper magnification and optics (and lighting). If you can’t see the follicle properly, it’s hard to master electrolysis.

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