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Chapter 1: Hinkel


Chapter 2: Hinkel


Chapter 14: Hinkel


Ask The Instructor: By John Fantz, CPE – former California State Examiner

Psychological Techniques: Psychological techniques to reduce pain in electrology.


Guide to the Blend: A 32-page text. A quick set-up for doing the blend method of electrolysis. In English, Spanish, German, Dutch and Greek.


Teleangiektasie: A 62-page text in German. How to treat “broken capillaries” with standard electrolysis equipment.


The Blend Method: a 150-page text in Dutch. This is a more complete text on understanding and performing the blend method of electrolysis.


Secrets of Your Hair and Skin: a 35-page text that explains important aspects of skin and hair; particularly as it pertains to electrolysis.


The Wound Module: a 7-page explanation of how skin heals after electrolysis.


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