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Telangiectasia: Procedures for Vascular Blemish Removal Using the Blend Method (150 pages) $65

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As early as 1925, electrology schools were instructing electrology students in procedures to remove vascular blemishes with electrolysis equipment. Nearly all electrology machines are capable of removing so-called “broken capillaries.” There is absolutely no need to purchase a separate machine to do these procedures, because every “blood vessel machine” is, in fact, an electrology machine with a new name.

            This new updated version of Mike’s book encompasses important aspects of electrolysis equipment. Although the text details performing these treatments with the blend method (DC and HF), the information in this text can also be used for practitioners using thermolysis machines. The procedures outlined in this book are recommended by many notable vascular experts and endorsed by Dr. Gregory E. Rausher, MD (Professor of Plastic Surgery, New Jersey Medical School) in his article in “Cosmetic Surgery Times” included with the text.


Chapter 1 Words of Caution

Chapter 2 The Electrical Currents

Chapter 3 Telangiectasia Defined

Chapter 4 Conventional Treatments

Chapter 5 Bono-Blend Technique

Chapter 6 Treatment Considerations

Chapter 7 Infection Control

Appendix: Test Your Machine

Article: “Cosmetic Surgery Times”

Glossary of Terms


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