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This text specifically outlines the rationale for the blend method and explains how the two currents (DC and HF) work together to provide a superior hair removal modality. This book covers the blend method in its pure original methodology; without computer assists or controls.

Indeed, most electrology machines today have computerized features. These features can be helpful, but can also limit your ability to perform blend treatments. If you understand the fundamentals of the blend method, and how the currents interact, you will be able to better use your computerized features to deliver a superior blend treatment … and not just allow the machine to do the “thinking” for you.



Chapter 1 Argument for the Blend

Chapter 2 The Essential Blend


Chapter 3 Direct Current

Chapter 4 High Frequency

Chapter 5 The Blend


Chapter 6 Needle Insertion

Chapter 7 HF Settings

Chapter 8 DC Settings

Chapter 8 Progressive Epilation

Chapter 10 Face-Technique

Chapter 11 Body-Technique

Glossary of Terms


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