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Treatment Strategy for Electrology (156 pages) $65

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Regardless of the method, modality, technique or machine you are using, this book offers you practical hands-on suggestions for successful electrology treatments. The book discusses important issues such as regrowth, wound-healing and overtreatment.


Chapter 1 The Needle & Tweezer

Chapter 2 Women (treatment specific to female patients)

Chapter 3 Men (treatment specific to male patients)

Chapter 4 Regrowth

Chapter 5 Wound Healing & Overtreatment

Chapter 6 Psychological Techniques (using psychological techniques for pain reduction)

Chapter 6 CST Distraction (physical techniques for pain reduction)

Chapter 8 Infection Control This chapter is largely out-of-date. Refer to the American Electrology Association’s FDA approved Infection Control Standards


Textbooks can be ordered from this website or from Texas Electrolysis Supply:

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